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Summer Love-in – June Yoga workshop

Full!!! Look out for other workshops coming soon!!!
Summer love-in
A Yoga workshop for energy & harmony with Denise Walters

Sunday 1st June 2014
@ Shustoke Village Hall, The Green, Shustoke, North Warwickshire. B46 2AT
The day will include an energising Sun-Power Vinyasa session challenging your body & mind – then a Yin practice working deeper with backbends to […]

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Yoga travels

Here is an article I wrote for a local paper about our fun experiences in the “home of Yoga” Rishikesh!!

Re-living Rishikesh

Walking across the mighty Ganges river on a swaying rickety old footbridge, trying to dodge the flea-bitten monkeys, the cow sauntering towards me and the hundreds of beautiful smiling pilgrims dressed in orange, I […]

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 This is an article that I had published in Yoga Magazine a couple of years ago – a good read if you are training to be a teacher or a full time teacher!!

Yoga for all – A teachers role
I was once told a story, by a student, of the time she was looking for […]

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Study into benefits of Yoga for arthritis

Yoga can help relieve both the pain and psychological distress suffered by patients with arthritis, according to new research. Patients with osteoarthritis and those with rheumatoid arthritis both frequently see benefits from the activity, it found.

The US study involved hundreds of patients who took up Yoga and showed evidence of reductions in pain, less […]

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