Join us on Sunday 19th May 2019 @ Shustoke Village Hall, B46 2AX for our late Spring workshop

10.00am – 12.00pm

“A Spring in your Step”

Clear out any heavy, sluggish residue of winter now that Spring is blossoming. A Prana Vinyasa-inspired 2 hour workshop to bring lightness and energy as we move towards the brighter, sunnier months.

We will look at how changes to our practice and diet can affect us as we change seasons, moving from Kapha dosha to Pitta. We will look at Spring festivals from around the world and how they honour the changing seasons and of course what nature can teach us at this time of year.

Expect intelligent sequencing, free-flowing movement, sound, meditation, laughs and cake!

£15.00 full payment to secure your mat space. Get in touch to book.

Any donations from cake sale will be sent to the Meena Centre.