Up, Up & Away - Hand balances for superstars!
Learn to fly! Bring weightlessness to the body and a
The Five Tibetan Rites
Bring health, youthfulness and longevity to your life by learning
upside down finishing sequence
A finishing sequence for your Yoga practice. Turn yourself upside
squidge & squeeze
Get those digestive juices flowing as we work with Marichyasana
Parsvakonasana intense side stretch
A short sequence leading to that intense side stretch -
10 minute energy boost
A short energy boost any time of the day! Suitable
chair yoga session 1
A gentle chair Yoga session for those students who may
beginning to balance - yoga tips to help you begin to balance
A short session designed to help you with balancing postures.
tricks for trikonasana - moving through triangle posture
A short vinyasa focusing on Trikonasana - Triangle pose -
yoga for the spine - strengthening & releasing the spine - beginners yoga warm up
A gentle warm-up Yoga sequence for strengthening the spine and
journey to mukta hasta sirsasana - tripod headstand
A step-by-step guide to start the journey in to Mukta
Yoga sequence for opening the hips - hip hop hooray
A flowing yoga vinyasa aimed at opening the hips and
Warrior heart vinyasa - Virabhadrasana - Yoga sequence for all abilities
A heart opening, flowing vinyasa focusing on Warrior postures for
Sun Salutations - Surya Namaskar - Yoga for the body & mind
Energy for the body and mind with a few variations
sitting & connecting - finding your sitting pose - focusing on the breath - beginners yoga
yoga seated postures and basic breath work for beginners -